The collectors and classic are booming right now, which has led some manufacturers to capitalise and produce ‘continuation’ models of revered classics. Jaguar has done so with a limited series of lightweight E-Types, plus the XKSS, and is to follow these with a selection of new D-Types.

Now, it would seem, Ferrari is investigating the possibility of continuation models of what many consider to be the finest road car of all time, the Ferrari 250GTO. Originals of this revered and truly legendary car can command tens of millions at auction, and are few and far between.

Limited Production

The Ferrari 250GTO was first introduced in 1962 as a racing car that was also road legal, and its sensational lines and stunning performance rewrote the rule books for such machines. Ferrari built 39 – that is counting the development model, the 330GTO – and it is the earlier, 3.0litre V12-engined models that are the most sought-after.

Each Ferrari 250GTO was entirely hand built, hence no two are identical, and historians have logged the history of each remaining chassis in fine detail.

More than Talk?

A continuation model is clearly something that Ferrari is considering, although boss Sergio Marchionne, speaking at the Geneva Show, offered two sides to the possibility.

“What Jaguar has done with the lightweight cars is clever, but reinventing the 250 is a tough gig, and living off the spoils of the past is a bad habit to get into” he said, before hinting that there may be something more to this than simply talk.

For many collectors, the prospect of a continuation Ferrari 250GTO will be a mouth-watering one, with the potential opportunity to own one of the most iconic cars of all time becoming a reality at under the current colossal auction prices.

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