One-Off Lamborghini SC18 Alston – Unique in Every Way

A new Lamborghini model is always newsworthy, but when it is the very first one-off design built by the Squadra Corse division, it is going to be something very special indeed. So, let us introduce you to the Lamborghini SC18, a truly spectacular car devised in conjunction with the owner.

It really doesn’t get any more exclusive than this, so let’s start with how it looks: sensational! The car is instantly recognisable as a product of Sant’ Agata, thanks to the frontal styling that is heavily influenced by the Huracan Evo GT3 racing car – this unique example being road legal, but optimised for track use – and the various fins and air intakes that will also be familiar from the racing models.

A large rear wing, carbon fibre and with three separate selectable settings, works with the air scoops at the rear and a huge underbody diffuser to provide tremendous amounts of downforce, making this among the ultimate track-day cars.

Stunning Performance

The engine is the wonderful 6.5litre V12 unit with 770bhp transferred through a seven-speed gear box – this one optimized for fast shifting and precision – taking the SC18 to an unspecified top speed. We expect the handling to be of the highest order, especially given the brand new ultra-light carbon fibre body and the use of lightweight materials throughout, and the attention to detail that has been learned from the experience of the Squadra Corse racing division.

Finished in stunning and slightly menacing Grigio Daytona – that’s a very stylish graphite grey to you and me – and with red pinstriping and stencilling to outline the uniqueness of this one-off car, it looks the part from all angles. Inside, the black Alcantara seats are neatly picked out with red stitching, and the carbon fibre bucket seats are a nod to the racing pedigree of this utterly stunning machine.

As track day cars go, there can be few that match the Lamborghini SC18 for performance and style, and possibly one that bring with them the absolute exclusivity of this machine. We look forward to more one-off designs from Squadra Corse with great interest.

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Andy Rasool

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