There’s car restoration, and then there’s this: buying a nearly-new Rolls Royce that has suffered some serious damage at a knock-down price. Before you get out your cash, there are a few things you should know!

First, there are two cars on offer at online car auction site Copart, both from the legendary UK luxury car maker, and both in a sorry condition! The first is a 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – a beautiful and very stylish car indeed – which has suffered some very nasty damage to the front of the vehicle.

It looks horrible, but consider this: the car has just 177 miles on the clock, so someone must have been careless, and it’s a $650,000 car in running condition. The minimum bid is $310,000 – and surely the work would not cost the entire balance?

Sad-Looking Rolls Royce Dawn

Is that one a little too costly for you? There’s a second Rolls Royce that has been in some trouble, this one a 2017 Rolls Royce Dawn. With very heavy front-end damage – it would appear hitting things with a Rolls Royce is quite commonplace – this one is listed with a minimum bid of just $61,500.

A $320,000 car when on the road and running, it is reckoned the Dawn – another gloriously rare and exotic convertible – could be repaired for around $100,000, making this a bargain buy for anyone with strong nerves.

There are a couple of problems you should know, however, when buying cars damaged in this way – whether they are a Rolls Royce, another luxury brand, or any car in this condition. The first is that it will most likely be given a salvage title. If you come to sell the repaired and shiny as-new car, this will have a major impact on its value. Furthermore, insurance for cars with such a title may be very difficult to come by, especially for vehicles of this value.

Still, for someone out there, these two once-magnificent cars may be just what they are looking for. The rest of us can continue to dream.

Images Copyright of: The Drive.