If you happen to be in Tokyo in the next few days, drop into Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Tokyo and you will see something truly special. Rolls-Royce has curated a truly magnificent collection of photographs – an exhibition named ‘Black Badge: Tokyo After Hours’ – featuring three beautiful examples of the Black Badge bespoke range.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn, Wraith and Ghost Black Badge models are pictured among the wonderful darkness of Tokyo at night, in a range of locations that range from the famous to the unique and inventive. There is no place like Tokyo when night falls, and there is no car like a Rolls-Royce to add grace and elegance to the bustling, thriving nightlife of this amazing city.

The photographs have been beautifully thought out by three top photographers. Tokyo local Yoshifumi Ogawa knows the city like nobody else and pictures the cars in the modern light of Tokyo as well as among the peace and calm of temples and palaces that the city is also home to, with both the Wraith Black Badge and Ghost Black Badge as his models.

Untold Elegance

The sheer elegance of the cars is brought to the fore by Darren Chan, a photographer from Singapore who uses the amazing lights of Shinjuku to give the Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge an almost ethereal look in surroundings that both contrast and match, while his work with the Ghost Black Badge around the glorious Tokyo Bay is simply supreme.

British photographer Mark Riccione – who recently displayed his ‘Phantom Off-Duty’ collection at Rolls-Royce in London – takes the Dawn Black Badge to the tech district of Akihabara, where the contrast of the masses of neon lights and the Dawn’s stunning Magma Red paintwork give a unique perspective to both the city and the car.

This is a collection of quite superb photographs that shows these three magnificent cars – which will also be present in the showroom – in, quite literally, different lights, and anyone lucky enough to be passing should make a point of experiencing what will be a unique and impressive exhibition.

Images Copyright of: Rolls-Royce.