Rolls-Royce Celebrating Sales Success at Shanghai Motor Show

The 2019 Shanghai Motor Show is an important showcase for luxury brands. We have reported before on the demand for luxury cars in the Chinese market – despite a notable slow-down in the automobile market overall – and for Rolls-Royce there is plenty to be pleased about in the East.

The venerable British car maker, the epitome of luxury brands, achieved its highest sales figures in a 115-year history in 2018, with a total of 4107 cars delivered to customers in more than 50 countries. It is expected that, in the not too distant future, China will become among the biggest markets for Rolls-Royce cars – if not the biggest of all.

Personalised Models

The attraction of Rolls-Royce to the new generation of ultra-rich Chinese entrepreneurs lies not just in the history and prestige of the brand, but also in the ability to specify, for example, a personalised Rolls-Royce Phantom, that model being the top of the range, and it’s a car that they sell more of in China than anywhere else in the world.

Shown for the first time at Shanghai is the amazing Phantom Extended Wheelbase, which features a luxurious Privacy Suite in which the rear compartment can be transformed at the touch of a button into a closed-off private area, complete with opaque glass. This feature is expected to be very popular with Chinese customers.

Also on show are the wonderful Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the luxury SUV that has taken the world by storm, in standard and bespoke form – the latter another teaser for the Chinese market – and a quite spectacular bespoke Ghost Extended Wheelbase, which will also be desired by local buyers.

Key Component

Speaking of the success of Rolls-Royce in the region, Leon Li, Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for Greater China, explained:

“China is a key component of our global strategy, has become one of the fastest-growing markets for Rolls-Royce, and made a pivotal contribution to our record sales in 2018. Our Chinese patrons are younger than in our other markets, exceptionally successful, and have a global perspective. All of this contributes to their unique tastes, and appetite for highly bespoke Rolls-Royces.”

With the bespoke options offering something truly unique to luxury car buyers, the next year should also be a notable success for one of the world’s most recognisable brands, Rolls-Royce.

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