Unique Bentley Continental GT Convertible Bavaria Edition by Mulliner

Bentley has long held a tradition of creating bespoke, coach-built cars – some of them very special indeed – and to this day, continues that tradition with the help of Mulliner, the exclusive coach-building arm of the company. Indeed, it’s possible that Mulliner remains the oldest coach-building division in the world, having its roots in the 1500’s when it was involved in creating luxury horse-drawn carriages.

Today, to have a Mulliner-designed and built Bentley is the ultimate in luxury motoring, and this latest unique creation – the Continental GT Convertible Bavaria Edition – is something very special indeed. There will only ever be one, and it is due to be presented at the Munich showrooms.

Bavarian Theme

The Bavarian theme runs throughout this quite spectacular car, which is finished in glorious Glacier White with the roof being in Imperial Blue to mimic the flag of Bavaria. The effect is a car that is perhaps the ultimate evocation of the world’s most luxurious Grand Tourer – as Bentley bills the Continental GT.

Enamel infills on the front panels are a chrome representation of the Bavarian flag, while the lowered front bumpers – also in chrome – give this Continental GT a sporting stance like no other. The them continues inside with the blue and white thread seats and flag-embossed headrests, plus a flag panel on the treadplate. It’s absolutely unique, beautifully detailed, and as classy as one can get.

Discerning Customers

Bentley is a rare marque in that it offers such opportunities for unique, hand-crafted cars, and clients who request the Mulliner treatment are guaranteed something that will stand out in the crowd. The Mulliner division accepts any request for personalisation and works with Bentley’s most discerning and – if it may be said – demanding customers to create motor cars that are, as is this one, absolutely and utterly unique, beautiful and tastefully presented.

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