New Bentley Flying Spur Grand Sedan Due to be Unveiled

Lovers of luxury cars and Bentley fans especially should make a note of June 11th, 2019. In the year of its 100th anniversary, Bentley goes from strength to strength, and on that date this most prestigious of marques will be revealing the new Bentley Flying Spur to the world.

This will be the third generation of the Flying Spur, a car described by Bentley as ‘Sports Sedan and Luxury Limousine, and the most technically advanced to date. Not only will it feature – as have previous iterations – all-wheel drive, but it will also be treated to four-wheel steering for greater stability and improved handling. This feature will also provide greater agility in town driving.

The all-wheel drive system is, for the first time, an interactive one that will supply drive only to the rear wheels where road conditions are fine. When slips occur, the front wheels will also add drive, thus increasing grip immediately.

Dynamic Ride

Bentley introduces its new Dynamic Ride system on the Flying Spur. This is another technological advancement involving the active control of suspension stiffness to suit the conditions, thus eliminating excess body roll and further enhancing the fine handling of this large vehicle.

The design philosophy follows the recent models, such as the quite glorious Bentley Continental GT, and it is clear in its family resemblance as a Bentley. Luxury, comfort, high performance and sporting driving characteristics come together in the Flying Spur in a way that only Bentley can provide to perfection.

Bentley claims the new Flying Spur Grand Sedan will be the class-leading, best in the world of its genre, and we really can’t see a reason to disagree. Make that note on your calendar for June 11th, as this car is certain to be something very special indeed.

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