Rumour has it that a second Bugatti launch is going to happen soon. It’s been about 80 years since Bugatti have had two models on the go at the same time, and for about 40 of those years no models at all. You might cite the Bugatti Divo as a second model, but in reality, that is largely based on the more “common” Chiron.

Things are a change at Bugatti, and the VW Group are keen to capitalise on it. Firstly, since adopting the brand VW have done a great job of redefining Bugatti to be hypercar leader. They produce the fastest road cars, and more amazingly ones that can be used everyday if required. The engineering is industry leading.

Secondly, this is recognised by the consumers who loved the Veyron, and prefer the Chiron even more. Order books are full. A brand like Bugatti must retain its exclusivity, so producing more of the same is not an option. A new model is the next logical step.

Bugatti have been toying with the idea for quite some time now, and we saw a concept car back as far as 2003 with the Bugatti EB218 and 2009 with the Bugatti 16C Galibier. Both were looking to enter the Luxury sports saloon sector.

What the Boss Says

Bugatti Boss Stephan Winkleman recently said “What’s becoming clearer is that the enthusiasm is there to grow the brand.

“Bugatti has never focused a car so much around dynamics, but the response to the Divo has been tremendous. Each car has been sold to an existing Chiron customer, and the allocation has gone immediately. That shows the passion for this brand.

“That shows me that we are ready to do more. In terms of the amount of people we have who love the brand, I feel we have proved a lot. The next question is how much money do we have to invest into our future to make some of our ideas become reality – and will the return justify that investment. That is what we must work on.

“Today we have many ideas, but all of them require work, and not all of them will succeed. We are still working on ideas.”

The Second Bugatti Launch

But as stunning as the Galibier is, the likelihood is that the new Bugatti Launch car will probably be an SUV to beat the Lamborghini Urus and soon to be released Ferrari SUV.

The next 5 years are going to be some of the most interesting in the automotive industry as brands redefine themselves with an ever-changing market place. Fossil fuels are also being phased out, so any future car will no doubt have hybrid technology.

Watch this space!

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