Ferrari 488 Pista in Video

Launched just days ago at the Geneva Motor Show, the stunning Ferrari 488 Pista has been seen in real light for the first time. A new video is being viewed by enthusiasts that shows the car in its true colours, and it does not disappoint.

Not yet readily available, the 488 Pista is a stunning evocation of the Ferrari 488 model. Using a 3.9litre V8, complete with twin turbochargers, the latest Ferrari develops a very capable 711bhp, and is a performer of the highest order.

62mph is reached in just 2.85seconds, which is enough to frighten all main rivals, and a top speed of more than 211mph puts the Ferrari 488 Pista firmly in the top ranks.

Improved Aerodynamics

The video allows viewers to catch a glimpse of the changes in design that the 488 Pista has adopted. A huge vent in the bonnet aids cooling and directs airflow, which is carefully channelled through the cleverly designed and improved diffuser at the back of the car.

Downforce is therefore much improved over the standard production model, and the handling shown by the example in the video is impressive. A higher than standard spoiler is also an addition at the rear, and there are plenty more details under the skin.

Latest Track Special

The Ferrari 488 Pista is the latest in a line of supercar track specials, designed for owners to enjoy the pure thrill of driving at high speed on race tracks. It is not road legal, but is designed to provide a driving experience that is second to none.

At the time of writing, no details have been released as to the price of the Ferrari 488 Pista, or how many will be built, but if the video is anything to go by, this is one very exciting Ferrari that will find many eager owners waiting to snap them up.

Andy Rasool

Founder - Although he has been a Certified Ferrari Tifosi since the age of 10, his fate was sealed when at the age of 14 he persuaded a Ferrari dealer in London that he wanted to buy a new Ferrari. A phone call to his dad the following day soon put an end to that! His therapist suggested that to overcome the addiction a healthy dose of Ferrari Blogging and Spotting will help, and with that was born!

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