Monday Drool – The Ultimate. Ferrari FXX-K

Have you ever had that feeling that whatever car you drive, it’s never enough? It’s probably because it’s not a Ferrari FXX-K. Perhaps it’s not fast enough, not rare enough, or not “wow” enough. Turn up at your local car meet in your F40 and and you might just be disappointed when another F40 rocks up next to you. It seems that rarity comes in degrees.

So, you might think just pick something rarer. They made 1,311 Ferrari F40s but only 499 examples of the latest and greatest LaFerrari. Surely that’s rare enough not to be upstaged. Maybe, but maybe it’s still not rare enough or fast enough for your liking. Up until recently that was as far as it went, and a LaFerrari was the pinnacle of what you could buy. Of course the super wealthy always have other options, but if you were not invited you didn’t get it.

That has all changed now as the Ferrari FXX-K has started to enter the used market. Although that doesn’t happen often, Knights InternationalOpens in a new tab. have access to their third Ferrari FXX-K! We wrote an article about the Ferrari FXX-K a short while back and you can read that here: FXX-KOpens in a new tab..

As far as this car is available, here is what they have to say about it:

This 1,036 horsepower, highly coveted race car is currently the pinnacle of client focused racing technology from Ferrari.

An experimental race vehicle offered to only their elite club members, The FXX-K is the most technologically advanced client focused Ferrari available today. Built from the architecture of the enormously successful LaFerrari, the car is designed to provide an unbeatably exhilarating experience to those looking for the ultimate automotive thrill.

The Ferrari FXX-K currently available has been meticulously maintained by Ferrari engineers. Race number and identification will be provided following contract and deposit. This Ferrari FXX-K is now beyond its resale restriction period and is available for either delivery to a private collection or use in Ferrari’s Corse Clienti race programme. Ownership of this vehicle is a fast-track step towards Ferrari VIP status.

THIS FERRARI FXX-K CAN BE MADE ROAD LEGAL. If you are interested in owning the first and only road legal Ferrari FXX-K, please contact us for more details. As indicated by the FXX-K’s competitors, a road legal conversion of this car is expected to increase the value by more than 1 000 000 EUR, as well as making it a truly unique 1 of 1 example.

The thing that excites me about this car is that it can be converted for road use. Just imagine a Sunday B road blast on a crisp spring morning. Now that’s something to Drool about.

This car is available through Knight InternationalOpens in a new tab..

Images copyright Ferrari SPA.

Andy Rasool

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