How Much Is A Ferrari Roma, And Is It The Cheapest Ferrari?

You might be forgiven for thinking the Ferrari Roma is one of Ferrari’s most expensive models, but you would be surprised to know that it is actually one of the cheapest. Despite its modern cutting edge design and V8 Engine, the Ferrari Roma is actually one of the entry models into what is Ferrari ownership.

So how much is the Ferrari Roma?

The current prices of the Ferrari Roma around the world are as shown below:

Ferrari Roma PricesLocal PricePrice in USD
Europe€ 200,000$241,708
China¥ 1,350,000$368,392
AustraliaAus $409,888$320,893
IndiaRs. 30,610,000$419,746
Saudi ArabiaSAR 900,000$239,950
South AfricaR 4,927,000$331,283
United Arab EmiratesAED 900,000 $245,027

You might find it surprising that the cost is different around the world. One of the factors that greatly impact the price of the car in any country is the import duties that are applied. 

For example, the Customs Duty costs of a new car in India are 182%!!! This greatly increases the cost of a new car, and means that a buyer in India will pay approximately $420,000 for a car that in the USA will cost only $222,620! 

Whilst the cost of the Ferrari Roma is much higher than an average car, this is not the most expensive Ferrari. Far from it in fact, as this is the second cheapest new Ferrari available!

What is the cheapest new Ferrari?

The cheapest new Ferrari you can buy is the Ferrari Portofino M which costs $215,000, making it just over $7,000 cheaper than the Ferrari Roma. Technically the car is very similar sharing the same engine and many other technical features. 

However, the style of the cars is quite different, given that the Portofino M has a folding roof, while the Ferrari Roma has a fixed roof. This is usual since with most manufacturers the convertible is always more expensive. This is not the case here.

But do not make the mistake of thinking the Ferrari Roma  is a coupe version of the Ferrari Portofino M. They are very different cars.

The Roma is strides ahead of the Portofino M, in looks, handling, and interior styling. Also, let us not forget that the Portofino M is the upgrade model to the previous Ferrari Portofino, so the shape is now nearly 4 years old. 

The Ferrari Roma is fresh out of the box, and futuristic looking. If you want exclusivity, you may find the Portofino M may not be exclusive enough as thousands of examples have already been delivered. 

Owners of the Ferrari Roma will be fortunate enough to be one of only a select few lucky to be able to own their car. Due to the limited production run, Ferrari Roma owners will know that the chances of spotting another are slim.

What do you get for your money?

Ferrari Roma – Engine

The heart of the Ferrari Roma is the Turbocharged V8 engine, fitted at the front of the car. Technically this is not a front-engined car though, as the engine is fitted behind the front wheels, making this a front-mid engined car.  Despite being turbocharged, the engine capacity is still 3.9L.

The power delivery is also might impressive, with a maximum of 611 HP available at 7,500 rpm. Maximum torque is equally impressive and very usable, peaking at 561 lb-ft of torque at 5750 rpm. 

Ferrari Roma – Transmission

The Ferrari Roma is fitted with an 8-speed Magna 8DCL900 Dual Clutch transmission. If that doesn’t mean much to you just know that the same gearbox is fitted into the Ferrari SF90 Stradale! 

The dual-clutch means that the gearbox will always anticipate your next move and have the next gear ready for you. Gearchanges are as a result instantaneous.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels only, as is the case with almost all Ferraris. The only exceptions are those Ferraris which are four-wheel drive.

Ferrari Roma – Performance

With a very capable power unit coupled to the gearbox, it is not surprising that the performance is also outstanding. 0-100km/h is achieved in just 3.4 seconds with the car maxing out at 199 mph. To give perspective this is the same top speed as the Ferrari F40, but the Roma is 0.9 seconds faster to 100 km/h!

Ferrari Roma – Exterior Styling

The exterior can only be described as razor-sharp. The design style carries all the way from the shark-like grill in the nose to the futuristic front and rear lights. It still looks like a Ferrari, but perhaps more concept than historic.

Ferrari designs have often been criticised for not being Italian enough. That certainly cannot be argued here and it is beautiful.

When the first images were released it was criticised for looking a lot like the Aston Martin Vantage, and it does. But then the two cars are very similar in the overall design brief, so it’s also not surprising. Is it a copy though? I think not.

Ferrari Roma – Interior 

The interior styling of the Ferrari Roma is also unusual and unique for a Ferrari. Dominating the central console is an iPad style touch screen. While it gives the interior a McLaren feel, it stills leaves the occupants very much aware they are in a Ferrari. 

The dash wraps around both occupants, and the passenger can have their own display unit in front of them.

Ferrari Roma – Number of seats

To say the Roma has four seats would be a stretch, but in truth calling it a 2+2 would be a better description. Kids will fit fine in the back, but teens and above would be seriously compromised.

We used to have Porsche 911s as a daily driver, but as soon as my kids became teens the 911 was unusable. Instead, we moved on to a Ferrari 456M GTA and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo which were much more enjoyable than the 911

Ferrari Roma – Servicing and Warranty

Perhaps one of Ferrari’s best strategic plans was to introduce the 7 year maintenance package on all new Ferraris. This covers all the routine service costs that an owner might expect, and when they sell the car on, the balance of the package is carried forward.

The warranty package is the same, which means that once you have overcome the hurdle of buying the car, the running costs are minimal. You are safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong with the car, you are covered.

Ferrari Roma – Depreciation

The Ferrari Roma is brand new and made in very limited numbers. As with all brand new Ferraris models, the early cars area always for a premium. In fact, even the build slots for future cars are being sold for a premium! 

Therefore it is unlikely that the Ferrari Roma will see any depreciation for at least the fist two years of its production life. Not many cars can claim that!

Comparing the price to other cars

From the outside, the Ferrari Roma is unlike any Ferrari ever made. It’s not just futuristic, it’s also beautiful. This is a car that is aiming for both the male and female ownership market and perhaps one that traditionally may have opted for a Porsche 911 or an Aston Martin Vantage. 

But the price of the Ferrari Roma is significantly more, with the Porsche 911 starting at $97,400, and the Aston Martin Vantage starting at $146,000. Both are significantly cheaper than the Ferrari Roma at $222,620. 

The obvious question is there is a premium for the Italian car and is it worth it? Ferrari has always charged more for their models and their strategy has always succeeded. As a result, Ferrari is the most profitable car company in the world today. The profit they make for each car eclipses that of any other brand.

But what it really comes down to exclusivity. Ferrari makes around 8,400 cars per year. Porsche makes nearly 250,000 cars. That’s what drives the price difference.

Would we buy one?

The Ferrari Roma is perhaps one of the most usable, stylish, and beautiful Ferraris ever made. Its practical too, with occasional seats and a boot for luggage. 

But for me what sells it is the affordability, being one of the entry models. Of course that is relative, but once you own it, the running costs will be fuel and a few minor costs.

The issue is less one of cost, but more about getting a build slot! That might be harder than the money itself.

Andy Rasool

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