Stolen Ferrari Crash Leaves Passenger Dead

Tragedy ensued when a 38-year old man from Karrinyup, Western Australia, crashed a Ferrari he had stolen. The car was seen travelling at high speed in Perth when it was involved in a crash described as ‘instant’ by witnesses. The Ferrari caught fire and, while the driver escaped, a woman believed to be aged 40 who was a passenger in the vehicle could not be reached, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pictures from the scene show the Ferrari completely engulfed in flames, and it clearly burned very quickly indeed. The man, who has not been named – similarly the deceased passenger remains unnamed as yet – was remanded in custody and refused bail. He will  face manslaughter charges and will appear in court next month.

Metal Pole

The accident, which took place at a busy intersection in the city, involved the Ferrari hitting a metal pole. The ferocity of the impact was clearly substantial as the almost instant fire confirms. A young woman and her son were stood nearby, and she quoted that she was ‘sure they were dead’ as the impact was so sudden and the fire instant.

Police Inspector Dave Brierley, of Western Australia Police, said that as yet, what caused the passenger’s death is unclear, adding:

“Attempts were made from car fire extinguishers which were unsuccessful … it burned quite quickly and police were unable to get one of the people out of the car.”

It has also been confirmed that detectives from WA Police Internal Affairs are also investigating the incident.

The model of Ferrari involved has not been confirmed in any of the news reports, although it is understood it was reported stolen from outside a café in West Perth around one hour prior to the accident. One report claims that vehicle to be worth ‘over $500,000’.

Andy Rasool

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