Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer has ‘The Midas Touch’

When Sotheby’s auction house announced an auction titled ‘The Midas Touch’ it was immediately apparent that it would be a collection of items made from or coloured gold, after the legendary King Midas of myth and legend. How does a 1977 Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer fit in to such an auction? Well, it’s a very special Ferrari 512BB, and here’s why.

Chassis 21881 is one of only four such cars to have left the factory painted in ‘oro chiaro metallizzato’ – to you and me, that’s metallic gold. That makes it a car well worthy of inclusion in Sotheby’s sale. Added to that is that this is the second iteration of the BB, a car introduced in the wake of the game-changing Lamborghini Miura, and one that has been looked after to a very high standard.

Fully Restored

This very special and undeniably beautiful car – some reckon the 512BB to be among the prettiest of Ferrari’s latter models – has spent its entire life in its home country, Italy, and at some point during its lifetime it was repainted in a different colour – red, of course. However, when bought by the current owner the discovery was made of its very rare original colour – and absolutely unique interior trim in Testa di Moro brown to contrast nicely with the gold finish – it was sent to Modena for a full, nut and bolt restoration.

The craftsmen who did the job were the very same who worked on these cars in the production line and, having been completed to an exalted standard, chassis 21881 was given Ferrari Classiche status in 2017, certifying it is a matching numbers car in every way.

This is a unique opportunity to buy not only a very rare, beautiful and collectable car, but also one in a very impressive colour scheme. The Sotheby’s ‘The Midas Touch’ auction takes place at Sotheby’s in London on 17th October, where this Ferrari 512BB carries a guide price of between £350,000 and £450,000.

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Andy Rasool

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