Although Bentley has not officially admitted it is to produce a soft-top version of its wonderful Bentley GT, the rumour mill has been talking about the possibility for some time. The Bentley GT, a quite sensational car if ever there was one, was let loose on the market earlier this year, and with a list price of £159,000 is a very desirable Grand Tourer.

Now, however, the cat is out of the bag; spotted among a convoy of seven vehicles – including thee Bentley Bentayga 4×4’s – parked on a lay-by on the A40, not far from Oxford, was not one, but two cabriolet Bentley GT’s, lightly disguised but utterly unmistakeable. Photographs show them at a standstill among other vehicles from the convoy as they swapped drivers.

Spotted and Photographed

The personnel with the cars appeared surprised that someone had taken an interest in them – we’re not sure why, as the sight of the three 4×4’s would be enough to raise eyebrows, let alone the secret new convertibles – and requested that the photographer refrain from taking pictures. As the cars were on a public highway, there was nothing they could do to stop him!

So, is this a sign that the Bentley GT is to become available in drophead form? It makes sense, as the car lends itself to such treatment, and it is expected that Bentley will make an announcement about the new model in the coming months. Such a car, complete with the amazing 626hp 6.0litre W12 engine that powers the coupe, would be an absolute sensation in any company.

A convertible Bentley GT was spotted earlier in the year on the Nurburgring in Germany, but this is believed to be the first sight of it on UK roads. It is not unusual for new cars to be taken on ‘proving runs’ in this area of the UK, and particularly around the Cotswolds, and they often wear the sort of striped paintwork design the Bentley pair were sporting.

The new Bentley Continental convertible is expected to go on sale with a price tag of around £180,000 – which is £20,000 more than the hard-top – so get your name down now as it is bound to prove very popular indeed.

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