Ferrari Portofino M – Symbol of Recovery

The first new Ferrari to emerge from Maranello since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, the Ferrari Portofino M is hailed as a ‘symbol of the voyage of recovery’ for the legendary Italian marque. With a launch taking place entirely online – the first such car to be unveiled this way in Ferrari history – the press release speaks of the M (for Modificata) being “a (re)starting point for Prancing Horse’s pursuit of innovation whilst fully respecting its heritage, passion and constant search for perfection”. 

In Ferrari parlance, a car featuring the ‘M’ nomenclature is one that has undergone a performance hike over the original. The Portofino M features a fully revamped powertrain, a new 8-speed gearbox, and all the driving dynamics of the much-hailed original, plus more. The brilliant roof design remains making it a genuine convertible 2+2, and the stunning interior, complete with a multi-level dashboard design, draws on the experience of Ferrari’s Styling Centre for a perfect mixture of practicality, elegance, and luxurious comfort.

Engine of the Year

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company, always insisted that Ferrari’s were all about the engine. He would be proud to know the Ferrari V8 Turbo family, of which the 3.8 litre V8 in the Portofino M is one, has been voted ‘International Engine of the Year’ on no fewer than four occasions. This masterpiece of engineering gives the car around 620hp, 20hp more than the original Portofino, and takes it to a maximum speed greater than 320mk/h (200mph). From a standstill, the Portofino M can reach 100km/h in under 3.5 seconds, putting it right up there in the supercar world.

With a wealth of technologically advanced features that are as we would expect from Ferrari, the Portofino M is also strong on safety aids including a Predictive Emergency Brake System and Blind Spot Warning among others.

This is a car for the driver who wants the best of both worlds: put the gearbox in ‘Race’ mode – a first for a Ferrari convertible – and the driver can take advantage of impressive levels of grip and handling dynamics that are as exciting as it gets, while it can also be a docile creature in and around town. 

We at Supercartribe are more than pleased to see Ferrari spring back to life after a troubled time, and the Ferrari Portofino M surely heralds a bright future for the Maranello concern.

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Andy Rasool

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