We often report on Ferraris and other supercars that come up for auction, but this one is a little different. Wilsons Auctions, of Newport, UK, handles auctions for the police and government, in which the ill-gotten gains of criminals that have been confiscated are sold to raise funds. So, if you don’t mind owning a Ferrari that was once the daily driver of a convicted drug dealer, Wednesday, 14th August is a date for your diary.

The car in question is a neat, black Ferrari 360 Modena – a 1999 model with 47,000km on the clock – but it is in European, left-hand drive spec. It’s the automatic version of the 360 Modena – a specification that might not appeal to everyone – and will come in need of registering in the UK. What should you expect to pay?

There is no reserve on government auctions such as these, so it is possible you could pick this Ferrari up for a decent price. The haul for sale also includes a pair of Rolex watches, various items of designer clothes and footwear, and a villa in Spain.

Luxury Goods

Government auctions are a great way of getting your hands on luxury goods at reduced prices, but – as is the case with the Ferrari 360 Modena here – often these items come without the relevant papers. Registering the car in the UK may be a tiresome prospect, but it is possible. Furthermore, driving a left-hand drive Ferrari in the UK may not be a comfortable experience!

Nevertheless, this is an opportunity to buy a Ferrari, in good condition from what we can see, with limited provenance but at a potentially discount price, and there’s plenty more in the Wilsons auction that might go with it, too. If you can see yourself driving a Ferrari, wearing Dolce and Gabbana shoes, and wearing a Rolex, this could be the auction for you.

Images Copyright of: Wilson Auctions.