Ferrari Tailor Made Program for Japan

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Japanese love their cars. They also love quality engineering. The country’s own manufacturers have given us some pretty impressive cars in the past – the simply sublime original Honda NSX was a classic the day it was announced – but their love for all things Ferrari never fails.

Ferrari celebrated 50 years of Ferrari in Japan at the end of 2016, with the introduction of the limited edition J50. A beautifully re-worked 488 Spider, this stunning model was very well received by the Ferrari contingent in the Far East, and the unveiling of 9 cars from the Tailor Made program, at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, is yet another example of the respect Ferrari has for its Japanese customers.

Personalised Models

The Tailor Made division caters for those customers who, and there are many of them, want their Ferrari to be bespoke and unique (as if a factory-fresh Ferrari is not enough)! The cars on show in Tokyo showcased the work of the Division with several examples of bespoke Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, each with its own theme to give prospective buyers ideas.

With 300 people in attendance at this exclusive event, its clear that interest is high. After all, the high-flying, successful Japanese businessman wants to stand out from the crowd, and a Tailor Made Ferrari is certainly one way of getting noticed.

The Tailor Made Division recreates the world of unique, bespoke Ferraris as would have been the way in the early days of the company, when each car was specified by the customers in terms of interior trim and other details. Today, customers can take inspiration from a variety of themes and ideas, each tracing its own inspiration back to the sporting and racing heritage of the Ferrari brand.

The result is a car that really is Tailor Made, and one that will be unique in many ways to any other example of that model on the road. For Japanese Ferrari buyers, to be able to see up close what can be done to take things that bit further will certainly have whetted the appetite for these beautifully crafted cars.

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