Lamborghini Urus Adventure in Iceland

If there is anywhere on the Earth that will challenge even the most versatile of vehicles, it’s the astonishing island of Iceland, which sits alone in the North Atlantic. This largely volcanic island, with its wonderfully vibrant and welcoming capital city of Reykjavik, is a place like no other, which is why Lamborghini chose it for the latest in its series of ‘Lamborghini Avventura’, expeditions to uncover and tackle the most spectacular roads in the world.

The vehicle of choice is the amazing Lamborghini Urus, one of the most capable SUV’s of all, and having already taken in stunning landscapes in Transylvania, Norway and Andalusia, Iceland was the logical next stop. So it was that no fewer than 7 colourful and spectacular Lamborghini Urus arrived in this wonderful and strange place for an adventure like no other. Look here if you’re wanting a 4×4 rental Iceland based car for your vacations for example.

Blue Lagoon

The journey began on the southern peninsula of this rugged and yet inviting island – many would call the landscape inhospitable and in ways it is, yet it is a pace the draws you in – where the famous Blue Lagoon, with its naturally heated thermal waters, is the main attraction. The convoy followed the incredible landscape of the south coast, with its towering cliffs, amazing black sand beaches and colourful colonies of puffins, to the off road routes.

Tackling glaciers and fords in the Urus proved no problem, the ‘Terra’ selection in place for this part of the journey, the powerful V8 engine, incredible suspension and traction systems on the Urus being perfect for the job, and a crossing of the lava fields close to the imposing Laki volcano confirmed the amazing driveability of this quite brilliant car.

To the Capital

The destination for the eye-catching Urus convoy was Reykjavik, one of the most engaging and unique capital cities in the world. The Lamborghini Urus seems the perfect vehicle for this lively and vibrant city, and for the island itself. Put simply, this leg of the Lamborghini Avventura serves to confirm what many brave motorists have discovered before: as a driving location, Iceland is unique, and requires a very unique type of vehicle, of which the Lamborghini Urus is one.

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