Friday Drool – As Close to a 1990s F1 Car as You Can Get

Most of us can only imagine the thrill of sitting in the bare-bones cockpit of this dazzling Ferrari F50, the thrum of its 500 bhp V12 spilling its barely contained potential energy into the cabin. While some view the F50 as Ferrari’s ugly duckling hypercar, no one can deny the brutal nature of this thinly-disguised race car. The F1-derived technology made the F50 lightyears ahead of its time when it debuted in 1995. And because the engine is bolted directly to the car’s tub, which also serves as the chassis, drivers will feel as though they have been plugged directly into the car’s mechanical elements. This is a rare opportunity for a very wealthy Ferrari fan to own one of the most interesting Ferrari V12s ever made.

The Ferrari F50 procured 513 angry horses from its 4.7-litre, naturally aspirated V12. At 109 bhp-per-litre, the V12’s output was a monumentally staggering figure back in the 1990’s and remains mighty impressive to this day. Technologically speaking, the F50 was lightyears ahead of its predecessor, as it incorporated more F1 technology than any previous Ferrari. A carbon-fibre tub served as the backbone of the chassis, enabling the car to tip the scales at an incredible 1400 kg. And a trick electronic adaptive damping system monitored the car’s speed, steering inputs, and braking pressure to adjust its rates accordingly. Even with all that gadgetry, however, the F50 remained a beast on the road and track, proving to be a challenge for even seasoned drivers. Only 349 F50s were produced, the vast majority painted the iconic Rosso Corsa hue that this 1997 model is wearing.

This gorgeous, low mileage example is available at Joe Macari in London. Here is what they say about it:

The matching number example we are pleased to offer is a 1997 car with under 3,850 miles from new. The car is in impeccable condition and maintains its original Rosso Corsa exterior paint, allowing the carbon weave to be visible. Original Flight Case, hard top, and soft top are also all retained.  In addition to this, the vehicle maintains its books and tools, as well as its original exhaust system with Tubi rear silencers. The car has been awarded Classiche Certification from Ferrari, illustrating its originality and quality.

If the F50 doesn’t receive the same amount of press as the F40 or the Enzo, the prices for pristine cars like this don’t reflect that fact. A nearly £2 million price tag shows that there are plenty of tifosi out there who see the value in these amazing cars. These models have appreciated amazingly well over the last 20 years, so this just might be a very smart investment, to boot.

The Ferrari F50 Gallery

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