There are people who make a lot of money buying accident-damaged cars and making them fit for the road again. If you’re one of them, and you happen to have a few hundred thousand dollars (or equivalent) sitting waiting for a project, how about a wrecked Ferrari 488 Pista, and one with a genuine 149miles on the clock?

That’s what’s for sale at the Copart website – which specialises in salvage vehicles – but be aware there is some serious damage! In fairness, it could have been worse. It would appear that the rather beautiful, red 488 Pista has suffered a hard side impact on the passenger side (it’s a US-Spec car, so that’s the right hand side) and the airbag has clearly deployed. It’s missing a door, and there is further damage to that area.

From the photographs it would appear the rest of the bodywork is fine. Quite how someone managed just 149miles before wrecking such a glorious motor car is anyone’s guess!

Expert Restoration

Despite the fact the rest of the body is good – as is the interior bar a few marks and the missing door and trim – this is going to be a job for the expert, preferably a Ferrari specialist with access to the parts required. Reports say that the engine fires up and runs well, so there’s no damage to the powertrain, so despite the work required it would be a crime not to restore this vehicle to its former glory.

Copart, who know about these things, say that a Ferrari 488 Pista in this condition is worth around $417,000. At the time of writing that’s about £350,000. Now, we’re not claiming to be experts but, when we investigated the price of a pre-owned Ferrari 488 Pista, we found three for sale, with the prices being in the region of £390,000 – or $470,000 as the exchange rate stands right now. Is the Copart estimate a touch high? 

This is where things get confusing! It would seem that, in the USA, the Ferrari 488 Pista sells for a premium price. The examples we looked at were in the UK, while in the USA, prices for similar mileage and spec models hover around $580,000! That’s $100,000 more than the UK equivalent price.

Worthy Project?

It would be heartening to see someone take this project on and restore to as it should be what is a rare, limited-edition Ferrari. It would only be someone in the USA who could do it and not lose a lot of money, for a UK model can be had for not much more than the Copart estimated retail price of the wreck.

However, here’s something to think about: as I write this – on Saturday, 10th August – the current highest bid stands at $185,000, although the seller reserve has yet to be met. You have until the 15th of August to get your bids in, so be quick, and be lucky!

Images Copyright of: Copart.