Ferrari Daytona Rendezvous in Paris (Awesome 1976 Flat Out Street Race)

If you haven’t seen this already, it a must view all time classic. It’s an eight-minute MAD drive through Paris, on a Sunday morning and 5:30am. The purpose? Well why not, plus the driver had a date!

You have to crank the volume up to enjoy this one. There are loads of high-revving engine sounds, gear changes and squealing tyres. He breaks red lights on multiple occasions, and is one of the greatest all time car movies.

Sit back and enjoy!

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Andy Rasool

Founder - Although he has been a Certified Ferrari Tifosi since the age of 10, his fate was sealed when at the age of 14 he persuaded a Ferrari dealer in London that he wanted to buy a new Ferrari. A phone call to his dad the following day soon put an end to that! His therapist suggested that to overcome the addiction a healthy dose of Ferrari Blogging and Spotting will help, and with that was born!

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