Monday Drool – Not Your Everyday 812 Superfast!

I know what you are thinking, the 812 Superfast is hardly an everyday car. In fact, thinking about it I’ve never actually seen one on the road despite it being out for a short period now. The first time I saw one was at Ferrari Racing Days in Silverstone, and after that in an official Ferrari showroom, both off the road itself. It’s so rare that there are none for sale in the UK, and very few around the world. We covered one of the first sales a few months ago in an Article, and since then a few have started to trickle out to the market.

Most new Ferrari models that enter the grey market are speced in red, as that seems to be the colour that will sell the quickest. So when this car appeared on our radar speced in a highly unusual Tour De France Blue our eyes lit up! Not only is it a nice change, but in my opinion the front engine V12s look best in the darker colours.

But the unusual colour scheme doesn’t stop there, and what really stopped me in my tracks was the contrasting Bordeaux interior. It’s completely unexpected to see such a striking and bold coloured interior, but I love it! I imagine not everyone will though. It’s a personal taste and in a world where Rosso/Crema Ferraris are common, this makes an amazing alternative

This particular car has come up for sale through Auto SeredinOpens in a new tab. in Germany. Here is what they have to say about it:


External Colour Blu Tour De France

Interior Bordeaux

Rims & Brake Callipers:

Brake Calliper In Giallo Modena

Racing Forged Rims In Matt Black

Body Parts:

Front Wing In Carbon Fiber

Carbon Cover Under Door

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Rear Carbon Case Area

Black Ceramic Exhaust Pipe

Rear Bumper Sides In Carbon F.

Front Bumper Insert Carbon Fib

Scuderia Ferrari Shields

Front And Reversing Cameras

Adaptive Light Front

Anti-Stone Protection

Colours & Material:

Inside: Leather

Seam: Rosso

Carpets: Nero

It has some nice options but missing some things that you might want, like interior carbon pack, LEDs on the steering, or passenger display. But nonetheless it certainly is a unique spec in this colour combo. And the price of this uniqueness? 428k Euros or 360k net of tax.

Enjoy the Drool.

The car is available at Auto SeredinOpens in a new tab.. Be Quick!

Andy Rasool

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