Friday Drool – Check out this Mint-Condition 1992 Ferrari F40

When it comes to the Ferrari F40, you can forget about modern supercars. Few cars of ANY era evoke the same passion as this twin-turbo hypercar. I mean, just look at it. Even if it was powered by a 1.5-litre diesel, this thing would put just about any other car on the road to shame. And today’s Friday Drool car just happens to be a particularly stunning example of the perfection-on-wheels that is the Ferrari F40. As one of the last F40s to roll of the line, the 1992 model is one of the most desirable models available. And, of course, it wears a beautiful Rosso Corsa paint job.

So, what exactly makes this F40 so special? Well like all F40s, a 2.9-litre, twin-turbo V8 sends its 478 horsepower to the rear wheels. To corral that power, drivers are given the pleasure of snicking through 5 forward gears via a gated manual gearbox. Pininfarina’s gorgeous body panels use lightweight materials such as Kevlar and carbon fibre to help the F40 achieve a featherweight 1,369kg kerb weight. All of this technology allows the supercar to reach speeds of up to 200mph. While the performance was world-class, what really makes the Ferrari F40 shine is the design. Few cars before or after it possess the same visual panache. Collectors today clamber over one another to get their hands on an example as unspoiled as this one.

MotorCars International is currently offering up this stunning Ferrari at their Springfield, MO dealership. Here is what they say about it:

Sold new June 1992 at Hollywood Sportscars in California. This F40 has led a sheltered and coveted life. It’s condition is the likes rarely seen in today’s collector market. Opening the door is the equivalent of opening a time capsule from 1992! Ferrari Classiche certification was completed 11-03-2015 confirming its originality.

The original factory window sticker, books and tools will convey along with extensive service history and ownership documents. This F40 is one for a discriminating buyer in search of the holy grail. If you are adding a F40 to your collection you must see this car! 

Holy grail indeed! Many F40 owners cosset and coddle their prized possessions, but it is still hard to find one quite this clean. Just look at those pictures. Of course, you will pay for the privilege of owning such a pampered Ferrari F40. Nearly $1.7 million, to be exact. Nevertheless, the lucky person who purchases this Italian beauty will own a pristine, showroom-quality F40. And this vehicle is very likely to continue rising in value over the next decade.

The Ferrari F40 Gallery

This car is available at: MotorCars International.Opens in a new tab.

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