Friday Drool – This Vantage has a Unique Point

So, just another ordinary, run-of-the-mill Aston Martin Vantage for sale, right? Not even close. ThisOpens in a new tab. is a Vantage GT2; the Le Mans race car. The car we are looking at today was a former Jota Sport GTE Pro car, having participated in both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and ELMS. If you’re only looking for a Sunday cruiser or something for the valet to park out front, keep looking. Not that anyone could possibly confused this for an ordinary street car after taking a gander at the photos of this car, what with its full-on racing getup and purpose-built interior.

Now that we’ve established what this car is, let’s talk about just how amazing it is. As one of only 9 Aston Martin Vantages built to GT2 spec, this is a rare sighting indeed. And even though it was built to race, let’s not forget to notice just how extraordinarily handsome this car is – it must be one of the best-looking Le Mans GTE cars ever. Under that gorgeous bonnet lies a 4.5-litre V8 with plenty of upgrades. Racing components include the heads, crankshaft, cylinder block, valves, camshafts, and exhaust. Carbon fibre body panels help the car achieve a lower centre of gravity.

This Aston Martin Vantage GT2 is being offered for sale at Art & Revs in Luxembourg. Here is a snippet of the car’s history, pulled from their detailed description of the car:

In 2017 Art & Revs purchased the chassis 008 after its four year storage and we conducted a comprehensive service under the supervision of a Prodrive engineer and have had two track days since with the car…Chassis 008 is now available ready to race again and comes with the enormous spares package from the GT2 program. It has only covered 800km since the rebuild at Prodrive with a 5000km potential on the main mechanical components. 

While this particular car’s racing experience wasn’t exactly brilliant, with a DNF at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it sounds like it has since received the love and care it deserves. Whoever owns this car next will have very little work to do before hitting the track again. Art & Revs also took the liberty of restoring the car to its 2011 Le Mans livery, which looks absolutely stunning. This one-of-nine GT2 car is sure to bring in plenty of interested track enthusiasts, even with an unlisted asking price. Anyone wanting to look fantastic as they race should put this at the top of their list.

Aston Martin Vantage GT2

This car is available at: Art & RevsOpens in a new tab.

Andy Rasool

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