Monday Drool – Serious Rain Protection

If you are in the market for some superb new umbrellas, we have a great deal for you today. For the low, low price  of £470,000, this matching set happens to come pre-installed in a 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom. Made of carbon-fibre, this umbrella has it all, even a drainage port built into its enclosure in the car. If buying a low-mileage Rolls-Royce to go along with your umbrellas seems a bit unnecessary, you probably haven’t heard just how spectacular this car is.

The redesigned-for-2018 Phantom VIII is a purpose-built relaxation chamber, especially for those riding in the back seat. As those rear occupants are usually the owner of the car, Rolls-Royce has made sure to accommodate their every need. Active anti-roll bars and a self-levelling air suspension keep the ride stable and level, while a camera system dubbed “Flagbearer” scans the road to prepare the suspension for any upcoming irregularities. Intensive focus on sound insulation means the Phantom is the quietest car in the world. Of course, you will get your own tablet, picnic tray table, and even a champagne cooler with custom glasses if you like. Replacing the Phantom VII’s naturally-aspirated V12 is a new, twin-turbocharged V12 producing 563 bhp and 664 lb-ft of torque, both figures represent a significant improvement over the VII. Signalling a shift in philosophy at Rolls-Royce, performance numbers have even been released for this generation of Phantom: 0 – 62 in 5.3 seconds, with a 186-mph de-restricted top speed.

This 1200-mile Phantom is currently up for sale at Sytner Group in Manchester. Here are some of the features included on this model:

Chrome exhaust finish / Starlight headlining / Commission collection paint / Upper two tone paint scheme / Massaging rear seats / Pedestrian recognition / Bespoke interior / Night vision / Contrast RR monogram to all headrests / Picnic tables / 22″ Forged fully polished alloy wheels / Contrast wheel centre / Lakeshore aurora gallery / Rear theatre configuration 

I believe that should be sufficient evidence that paying a little extra for your rain protection is a wise choice, when it means the most impressive luxury vehicle in the world is included in the deal. Seriously, though, this black-on-silver Phantom appears to be in stellar condition, with plenty of features included, such as the star-infused headliner. Anyone with the means owes it to themselves to experience a car like this at least once in their lives.

Rolls Royce Phantom

This car is available at: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester

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