Monday Drool – Aston Martin Vulcan. The ultimate Aston you can’t drive on the road

Back in 2015 the Aston Martin Vulcan was launched as their interpretation of the ultimate track car. Astons have traditionally been known for their continent crushing abilities while providing the level of comfort that members of a Mayfair club will be all too familiar with.

But suddenly Aston Martin thought they could play at someone else’s game by launching a Track only car. Could they pull it off? Visually it’s stunning, and as good looking as anything to come out of Maranello. What’s more, surprisingly none of the Aston Martin visual DNA is lost in the design. From every angle it looks like an Aston, albeit a steroid induced one!

Aston are well known for their V12 power and the Aston Martin Vulcan does not disappoint, what with its 7-litre V12 engine! In an ever-increasing electric and hybrid world, a 7-litre engine is something that will be seen less and less going forward. This one is complete with 820 horsepower and 590 lb ft of torque, and although official performance figures were never released, there were hints of what could achieve.

The Vulcan was built to be lightweight and there is not better material for this than carbon fibre. Of course, the Aston Martin Vulcan is dripping in the stuff, not just in all the chassis and body parts but also in the mechanical items too. This includes a magnesium torque tube with no less than a carbon fibre propeller shaft too. All this weight savings mean the dry weight is a super-light 1,350kg.

Post launch the press were allowed to play and that when the rawness and speed became apparent. 0-60 in sub 3 seconds, combined with a Top Speed around 230 mph. The Aston Martin Vulcan didn’t just look, but shifted and handled just as you would expect too.

Aston Martin Vulcan – Super Exclusive

All of that sounds great, but what is the price for this track beast? Well before we get to that let’s just say that it is as expected super exclusive. Aston only made 24 of these in total, and no others are available. All have now entered private collections and probably have started to rack up the miles as owners enjoy the track time. So that’s what makes today’s Drool car so special.

The Vulcan we found today is for sale by Kaaimans in Nottingham, England. Unfortunately they don’t tell us much about the car, except that it’s only done 200 miles and available at £2.25m + vat. That’s a cool £2.7m with taxes paid. That sounds a lot, but for an unused track focused rarity that the Vulcan is, this sounds like a bargain to me.

Enjoy the pictures, and the review by Chris Harris on Top Gear of the Aston Martin Vulcan.

The Aston Martin Vulcan Gallery

This car is available at: Kaaimans.Opens in a new tab.

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