Monday Drool – Set the Night on Fire with this Aurora Blue McLaren

There is just something about the orange-and-blue combination that make today’s McLaren 720S stand out from the crowd. That brilliant dark blue Aurora Blue paint complements the orange accents on the brake callipers and seat belts perfectly. To me at least, this strikes a perfect balance between sporty and elegant; at home whether it’s with the valet or on the track. Not to mention, this 720S represents the cutting-edge in the supercar world. Keeping in mind this car’s performance rivals that of the best supercars in the world, the price even starts to look somewhat reasonable.

After a long string of 3.8-litre McLaren V8s, the 720S received an all-new 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that produces 710 bhp. Along with a stout 568 lb-ft of torque, that’s enough power to propel the McLaren to 62 mph in a breath-taking 2.7 seconds. Flat-out, the car will do 212 mph. Despite that huge power, however, the 720S nets a respectable 26.4 combined mpg rating. That puts it at the front of the hypercar class with respect to efficiency. Much of the credit for these impressive figures goes to McLaren’s intense focus on shedding weight. At just 1,283 lbs dry, this is the lightest car in its class. As we have come to expect from McLaren, the 720S provides an incredible combination of grip and comfort. With 4 suspension settings available, you can choose just how stiff or comfy you want your 720S to perform. The 720S is so good, in fact, it is actually capable of out-performing the recently-departed McLaren P1 on certain tracks. Don’t forget that the P1 was a £1 million car just three years ago.

This blue stunner is available at Miller Motorcars in Connecticut. Here are some of the features they highlight in their ad:

  • Rear spoiler: electronically controlled
  • Exhaust tip color: stainless-steel
  • Side spoilers
  • Front brake type: carbon ceramic disc
  • Cornering brake control
  • Drive mode selector
  • Suspension control: electronic
  • Front suspension type: double wishbone
  • Active suspension

Sure, these might not be the most interesting features of the car, but they did not give me a whole lot to work with. They didn’t neet to, however, as this is definitely one car that sells itself. And, at $338,720, this is one of the lowest-priced Mclaren 720S’s you are likely to find. This all adds up to one tempting McLaren. If you are stateside, this one definitely seems worth a look.

The McLaren 720S Gallery

This car is available at: McLaren Of Greenwich.Opens in a new tab.

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