Monday Drool – The Ultimate Track Toy

Who doesn’t dream of one day experiencing the ultimate track weapon? Well, today’s Ferrari FXX-K is just about as close as you can get, short of a full-on F1 car. Heck, with so much F1 technology on board, it’s not as far off that as you might thing. And, as a special treat for basketball fans, this particular version wears red-and-black paint as well as the number 23. Michael Jordan, are you listening?

Based on the LaFerrari, the FXX-K was built for use in the Corsa Clienti program whereby Ferrari stores and maintains the cars on their property. Owners are allowed to visit and drive their cars only on special Ferrari track days. This restrictive “ownership” deal might sound like too much work until you learn just how special these cars are. Then it all starts to make sense. A 6.3-litre V12 joins forces with a KERS electric motor to create a total output of 1,036 bhp (772 kW) and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque. Working against a dry weight of just 2,568 lbs (1,165 kg), the FXX-K delivers performance that is nothing short of brutal. Various bits of technology have been pilfered from the F1 program as well, including the ABS system, E-Diff, and F1-Trac traction control system. While the car is tuned for track use, meaning top speed is not a high priority, the car can nevertheless reach an astounding 217 mph.

Currently listed for sale by Autoropa AB in Arlöv, Sweden, this one-owner Ferrari FXX-K appears to be just about as perfect as possible. Here is what the dealer has to say about it:

“Delivered as new from Ferrari Spa season 2015 and used in Corsa Clienti program until 2017, Ferrari Spa has maintained the car fully since new and also had the car in storage on Maranello during this period, The car is in perfect condition”

Because the car was kept in the very meticulous care of the professionals at Ferrari, you can rest assured that the car is in pristine condition, even if the 3,500 km on the odometer were relatively abusive track kilometres. Now, here is the painful part: the price. At €4,516,050 (£3.9 million), this particular drool car might take some careful financial manoeuvring to procure. Still, totally worth it.

The Ferrari FXX-K Gallery

This car is available at: Autoropa.Opens in a new tab.

Andy Rasool

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