New Ferrari Teaser Appears on Private Website Pages

Always one to do things their own way, Ferrari has issued teaser pictures of a potential new supercar on a section of its website that is only accessible to owners of its cars. This is the sort of clever marketing that Ferrari is famed for, and has set tongues wagging as to what the new model may be.

News and information surrounding the car is typically sparse, with the only firm information being the date on which further information is to be revealed – 17th of September – which also happens to be the day on which Louis Camilleri, the new CEO of Ferrari is set to announce the future strategy of the company.

Model F176

Another teaser could lie in the name of the image – a mysterious and fluid sketch with the phrase ‘Icona Ferrari’ over the top – which is labelled as F176. This, it has been suggested, could be the internal model name of the new car, although no word has been forthcoming regarding this theory.

It is notable also that 2018 marks the 70-year anniversary of the Ferrari 166 Inter, a model of legendary status among fans of the marque, and it is possible the new supercar could follow the specification of that car in being a front-engined V12 car.

812 Superfast Base?

The connection to the 166 Inter has also led to speculation that the car could be a special, perhaps a strict limited edition, based on the platform of the 812 Superfast, which would fit the possible specification requirements.

All we know is that any new Ferrari is deserving of mention, and that a new car to be introduced as the first under the reign of Camilleri, who took over from the late Sergio Marchionne just a few weeks ago, will be a significant even in Ferrari history.

Andy Rasool

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