New Hardcore Ferrari 488 Successor to Speciale Breaks Cover

Rumoured to be the fastest V8 Ferrari ever, the successor to the Ferrari 458 Speciale is said to be set for a debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, and has been spotted by spies partially undercover.

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The 488GTB may be a magnificent machine in itself, but the new model aims to improve on it with a track-ready specification that is set to be breath-taking. Evoking memories of great high-performance of the past – most notably the sublime 250GTO and the ground-breaking 288GTO, the car that heralded the hypercar era – the uprated 488 is expected to feature a number of technological developments inspired by Formula One and the flagship LaFerrari.

Sneak Images

The only images of the car so far, from Spanish site, are from within the factory gates and show only the front end of the car; this reveals a double-intake concept with a central splitter, which differs considerably from the standard car.

Also said to be part of the package are a DRS system – the drag reduction system used in F1 cars to enhance straight-line speed – plus various aerodynamic revisions designed to make this the ultimate road going track car.

The 3.9ltr, twin-turbocharged V8 is expected to have a significant power boost over the original, and sources are claiming a potential 0-100km/h time of less than 2.8s, which is phenomenal indeed. The car will also most likely incorporate Ferrari’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which will make it the second roadgoing Ferrari hybrid after the LaFerrari.

Built to Thrill

As a road car, there is likely to be little to match this version of the Ferrari 488 in terms of desirability – its natural rivals are perhaps the McLaren 720S and the track-ready versions of the Lamborghini Huracan – and it is sure to be a sell-out when finally unveiled to the public.

With some sources even suggesting the car will be named Ferrari 488GTO – although we remain unsure this will be the case – we await further information with much anticipation.

Here is a video of the 488 in testing

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