Owner crashes 488 Spider to avoid invisible dog!

Imagine this. You’ve waited months if not years for your 488 Spider to arrive and finally you get it. Then on a drive in one foolish move you approach a corner too fast and damage your pride and joy. What could be worse? Having the whole episode caught on a dash cam! Damn those dash cams!

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The 36 year old drier in Hong Kong told the police he was trying to avoid hitting a dog, although as hard as we try we can’t see a dog in the footage. If you are familiar with Hong Kong, the accident took place Yue Kwong Road in the turning from Aberdeen Reservoir Road.

Thankfully the driver was not injured and the dog “escaped” unharmed. The car is damaged but could have been a lot worse.  Windscreen looks smashed but the A pillars and door gaps look straight. Hopefully the car will make it back to the road, although the driver probably shouldn’t, just for now!

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Posted by Go Car 2 on Thursday, September 14, 2017

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