It’s bad enough crashing your Ferrari 458, but when the car you crash it into is a Porsche Cayman, things take a turn for the worse!

This was the scene at a roundabout in South Yorkshire last Sunday evening, and police would very much like to talk to the owner of the Ferrari 458 – now a wreck – who left the scene of the accident.

The Porsche, which rolled after the collision and landed back on its four wheels, was also wrecked, and while the driver of that car did initially flee, he had the sense to return and wait until the emergency services arrived.

Rear-End Collision

Witnesses state that the Ferrari collided with the rear of the Porsche on the roundabout leading to a multi-vehicle car wreck, sending the red Cayman rolling over. The driver of the Porsche suffered minor injuries and was found by police waiting in his car.

The Ferrari 458 is one of the most popular Ferrari’s of all time, and a very capable supercar. Likewise, the Porsche Cayman makes up for a great proportion of that company’s sales figures, but given the state of these two examples now, neither is going to be on the road again any time soon.

Breaking the Law

In the UK it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident, hence the police are very keen to have a chat with the Ferrari 458 owner. They have even gone as far as putting an appeal on Facebook for anyone who may know of his whereabouts.

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There are no firm estimates as to the damage caused, but give the list price of a Ferrari 458 in the UK starts at around £170,000, and a Porsche Cayman around £43,000, it’s quite possible that the cost of repairs will be into six figures for these two once-beautiful cars.

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