Monday Drool – The Italian Job – Not that kind of Italian Getaway

There is a problem when you link the words Italian Getaway with an Italian car, and that is the 1969 film The Italian Job starring Michael Caine. If you haven’t seen it yet then you must crawl out from the rock you have been hiding under and watch it! But this isn’t about finding the perfect Ferrari for a bank robbery, but something more legal and timely.

Around this time of year, the weather gets better and the exotics start to appear back on the road following their winter hibernation. It’s usually around this time of year that I either go on a road trip, or plan one for the summer. Some of my previous trips have included the stunning Lochs of Scotland, mountain passes in Switzerland, and the Western States in the US!

As stunning at the location is on a road trip, having the right car under foot is essential, and with all the models that Ferrari make, choosing the right one can often be tricky. Most will naturally gravitate towards the 488 Spider, and in doing so most will bow down in agreement. For me though having the top down option of the Spider is good, but not the car I would choose for an Italian Getaway.

Firstly, there are only two seats, so for those of you with children (or friends) you run the risk of being hated for picking favourites. Socially the Ferrari 488 might be a friendship killer, so I would avoid that. Also, a driving holiday for any reasonable period needs to have ample boot space, since you need luggage for that Italian Getaway.

As much as I love the V8 cars, for a trip like this I would always select a V12. Enough torque when you need it, but able to settle down and be relaxing when you are just cruising on the motorway. In a few years they may decide to outlaw V12, so the perfect trip needs to be coupled with the perfect engine.

The Italian Getaway – Enter the Ferrari GTC4Lusso

This stunning 4-seater GT car recently appeared for sale at 911Sport, a supercar specialist in the UK. It’s a great specification, and here is what they say about it:

This particular GTC4 Lusso is finished in Grigio Silverstone with Cioccolato Leather Interior. The specifications are listed below –

  • Apple Car Play
  • Leather Trolley Set and Soft Bag for Luggage Compartment
  • Red Brake Callipers
  • Front Air Vents in Carbon Fibre
  • Front Grille with Dark Edges
  • Panoramic Roof
  • Suspension Lifter
  • Cavallino Stitched on Headrest (Grigio Scuro)
  • Sports Exhaust System
  • Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler
  • Coloured Mats with Logo (Nero 125)
  • High Emotion Low Emission
  • Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel + LEDS
  • Scuderia Ferrari Shields
  • NavTrak Anti-Theft System Sub
  • Passenger Display
  • Yellow Rev Counter
  • 20” Forged Diamond Rims
  • Ventilated Full Electric Seats
  • Coloured Special Stitching O.R. (Grigio Scuro)
  • Trolley Set for Luggage Compartment (BAGT) in Black Leather and Stitching in Dark Grey Thread

Personally, any car that comes with a “Cioccolato” Leather Interior sounds good to me! For me this will make a great Italian Getaway car. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

The car is available at 911 SportOpens in a new tab.. Be Quick!

Andy Rasool

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