Ferrari FXX-K Gets Road Atlanta Workout

With only 40 examples in existence, and each costing around $3million (that’s £2.1m at the time of writing) the Ferrari FXX-K has to be one of the most exclusive and sought-after track cars of the moment.

The Ferrari Corsa Cliente meeting at Road Atlanta, the legendary race circuit in Georgie, USA, last week saw one of these amazing machines take to the track in anger. Among the many exotic and fabulous Ferrari’s also present, it was the FXX-K that stole the show.

It sounds derogatory to call this stunning piece of engineering and automotive design a ‘rich man’s toy’, but what else is a $3million car that can’t be driven on the road?

Stunning Lap Time

The Ferrari FXX-K, based on the road-legal LaFerrari and with improved aerodynamics intended for track use, kicks out a mighty 1036bhp thanks to its amazing 6.3litre V12-hybrid powerplant, and combined with the dynamics of the vehicle, this was enough to take it to a breath-taking lap of 1.25.756, a very impressive time for this demanding and arduous circuit.

Onlookers could only marvel at this quite spectacular machine, which appeared to treat the circuit as if it was on a Sunday drive.

F1 Lap Record

At the same meeting, Ferrari test driver Marc Gene took to the circuit in the F1 Ferrari F2003GA, the car that took Michael Schumacher to the 2003 World Championship.

Spaniard Gene took the circuit by storm, comprehensively destroying the circuit lap record with a lap time of just 1.01.200, a full five seconds faster than the previous record, held by Stephan Sarrazin in the 2008 Peugeot LMP1 car.

Owners of the Ferrari FXX-K can still take pride that their car stands as one of the fastest production vehicles around the Road Atlanta circuit, and likely will remain so for some time to come.

Let’s see the video…

Andy Rasool

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