The latest report of a crashed Ferrari comes from Thailand, and features the usual combination of a young, wealthy entrepreneur in a bright red Ferrari – the model is not mentioned and, in the post-accident photographs is barely recognisable – losing control on what he described as an ‘oil slick’, and in this case, colliding head-on with what appears to be a concrete wall.

The front of the car is simply a mass of metal, so we assume he was doing some speed at the time of the accident, and it is no surprise to read that the driver – Sarawut Sereetoranakul – was trapped in the wreck, and needed to be extracted using the fabled ‘Jaws of Life’. 

It’s a wonder that his passenger, a 25 year-old actress by the name of Sananthachat Thanapatpisal, suffered only chest pains. The pair were taken to a nearby hospital, and police are still investigating the accident, which occurred in Muang district to the south of Bangkok. 

The Race Driver and the Actress

In a familiar and intriguing aside to the story, it seems the pair both have illustrious backgrounds. Driver, Mr Sereetoranakul, is the managing director of the JS Asia Beverage Company – manufacturer of an intriguing bird’s nest drink known as ‘Juice Nest’ – and is also a professional racing driver, with the PSC Motorsport team. 

Even more intriguing is the identity of his passenger; Miss Thanapatpisal is a major star in the region, an actress better known by the name ‘Fon Hormones’ (no, she’s not that sort of actress) thanks to a starring role in the massive hit series ‘Hormones’ and having many more TV and film credits to her name.

It’s the age-old story of the racing driver and the actress, except in this instance, it ended with a very wrecked Ferrari, and the driver’s bruised ego.