Friday Drool – A Blue Beauty

One of the most gorgeous Ferraris of all time, today’s Ferrari 250 GT Lusso drool car might just make you fall in love. This grand tourer was made in low numbers during its short 19-month production run. And, even though it was intended as a softer, more comfortable vehicle compared to Ferrari’s sportier offerings, this model was still so athletic that it was entered into several races. So, we really have a triple whammy here – performance, looks, and rarity. As you could guess, that means we are looking at a very expensive classic Ferrari here.

While the 250 GT Lusso was a grant tourer at heart, Ferrari installed feisty 3-litre engine with an 8,000-rpm redline. This Colombo-designed V12 developing 240 bhp allowed the GT Lusso to achieve a 149 mph (240 km/h) top speed. That means this car was fast enough to race in several prestigious venues during the ’64 and ’65 seasons. That includes a 13th-place finish as the Targa Florio and Tour de France. But the really spectacular thing about this car lies outside the engine bay. I’m talking about those stunning Pininfarina lines that make the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso one of the most sought-after antique Ferrari models today. We have the four headlights up front complemented by the integrated spoiler at the rear. And everything in between is nothing short Pininfarina perfection. Inside we find an unusually spacious interior that the forward-positioned engine allowed for. Even though extra room was created, Ferrari put just two fixed seats in the car.

Offered for sale by AR CARS in the Czech Republic, this pristine blue-on-red 250 GT Lusso looks simply amazing. Here is a brief description from the dealer.

“After complete rebuild car and engine
New interior
New paint”

A car of this calibre might just warrant a more elegant write-up than that, but there is still plenty here to appreciate. Even if the price tag of €3,025,000 is slightly more than you can swing, you owe it to yourself to peruse these beautiful photos.

The Ferari 250 GT Lusso Gallery

This car is available at: mobile.deOpens in a new tab.

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