Joyrider Killed in Ferrari F430 Crash

Arvada Police Department, in Colorado USA, report the death of a driver of a stolen Ferrari F430. A passenger was apparently also injured in the incident.

The dealership, which has not been named, was quick to report the theft of a silver-grey 2007 Ferrari F430, which was reported shortly afterwards to the APD as it was speeding dangerously in the north-west of the city. Officers responded, and soon came across the Ferrari. It is not thought that the police gave chase to the speeding Ferrari.

The driver of the vehicle, Steven Andrews, 39, lost control of the vehicle shortly afterwards.

High Speed Crash

The Ferrari was observed leaving the road at high speed, colliding with a number of trees and destroying a fence. APD officers were quickly on the scene, and declared Andrews to be deceased. His female passenger, who has not been named, suffered non-life threatening injuries, and was taken to hospital.

The reasons for Andrews stealing the car and driving recklessly may lie in a social media account registered to him, in which he has set up a funding page to raise money for cancer research. It has not been confirmed whether he was suffering from cancer, and has not been determined that he crashed the car deliberately.

Car Destroyed

Images of the crashed Ferrari show the F430 to be comprehensively destroyed. The model is one of the most popular Ferrari’s of all time, having been available between 2004 and 2009, and features the famous Ferrari V8 producing almost 500bhp.

It is believed that around 7500 Ferrari F430’s were built, including both the coupe and spyder variants plus a variety of special editions, and it is now a collectable and sought after vehicle.

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