Way back in 2007, Lamborghini decided to produce an ultra-limited run of cars built with even more thrilling styling and even more extreme components than used in their standard production vehicles. And for anyone who knows anything about Lamborghini, that’s quite a statement. Named after a famous fighting bull like so many other Lamborghinis, the Reventon was said to be styled after the most aggressive military fighter jets of the time. While the materials and design involved in its construction are undoubtedly noteworthy, it’s the car’s exclusivity that truly sets it apart and makes this listing a unique opportunity.

When it comes to the basic mechanicals of the car, the Reventon has a great deal in common with the Murcielago LP640 it is based on. The Reventon is set apart when it comes to the body and interior of the car. Special features include the three LCD displays encased in a solid aluminium block, surrounded by a carbon fibre casing as well as the carbon-fibre body panels and special LED lights used up front and in back. Look closely, and you can find that many of the design elements Lamborghini experimented with on the Reventon were later used on the Aventador.

Finished in the same matte grey as all other Reventons, this model is currently listed for sale at SuperVettura in Sunningdale. Here is what they have to say about this 2-owner Lambo:

The Reventon is one of the most exclusive cars in the world, styled in the most extreme way to imitate that of a F22 Fighter Jet and finished in Matt Grey. The cabin features bespoke TFT digital screen again following the principal design from that of military aircraft giving the Reventon a unique feel to any other car. £1,950,000 UK TAXES PAID.

I happen to find that, compared to some of Lamborghinis current offerings, the styling of the Reventon no longer stands out as all that extreme, looking more like a special trim level of the standard Murcielago LP640 than a one-off. That doesn’t mean this car isn’t special for what it is, especially when you view the car in the context of the era when it came out, and the car’s current value reflects that. With an original price tag of £840,000, we can see that the ultra-limited production Reventon has appreciated nicely over the first 10 years of its life, and I would be shocked if that trend doesn’t continue. It’s no wonder, too, when you consider that of the 20 Reventons produced, only seven were sent to Europe, this car’s exclusivity factor jumps up another notch.

The car is available at Supervettura. Be Quick!