This Lamborghini Aventador Desk may well solve two first world problems that every car enthusiast will encounter. A quick look at the classified shows that the Aventador is out of reach of most people, with the cheapest car currently available at £185k.

That’s a huge wack of money by any standards, and is one of the key reasons why even today the Aventador is a very rare car. The Aventador is not the type of car you buy en-route to success, it’s what you buy at the destination. The cost of ownership is just too high until you have made it.

The second problem is that once you have purchased it, you are too busy making the money, rather than to actually sit in it and enjoy the car. Not forgetting that the car is hardly practical so is ruled out of 95% of car journeys.

Enter the Lamborghini Aventador Desk.


The Lamborghini Aventador Desk – Answer to two first world problems?

This desk is perfect. Cheaper than the actual car itself, and spend as much time as you want tucked underneath while you make your millions! I’m sure even your accountant will sign this one off.

The desk is made by Polish company Design Epicentrum, a company which specialises in usual office furniture. It is of course a replica not chopped from the real thing, and can be painted to match your own car if needed.

The car may not feature the V12, but does have working LED lights. But you will have noticed the badges are missing, which is deliberate to avoid a license battle with Lamborghini themselves.

The unit is made of fibreglass, and measures 74.8 inches wide by 31.5 inches high, so this isn’t going to fit in some teenager’s bedroom. But despite the size this is perhaps the coolest office accessory you can buy. The cost of coolness can be yours for 10% of the actual car, or €30k (£27K). That still makes this non-moving desk more expensive than most cars!

Images Copyright of: Design Epicentrum


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