Lamborghini Aventador Gets Swarovski Crystal Treatment

The spectacular shape and aggressive, low stance of the Lamborghini Aventador makes it a head-turner in itself. See one on the road, with that glorious engine burbling away, and you’ll also see dozens of smartphones raised to take a picture. After all, if you drive an Aventador, you want to be seen.

For young Russian entrepreneur Daria Radionova, however, the sheer spectacle of her Lamborghini Aventador SV was simply not enough. So, to make it really stand out from the crowd, she has had her supercar encrusted in 2-million Swarovski crystals, making the red beauty one of a kind, a unique and very noticeable car in every way.

Vulgar or Beautiful?

Naturally, this extreme customisation of a revered Italian supercar has divided opinion. The young lady is, of course, entitled to do what she wants with her car, and she has also given the Swarovski once-over to some of her other vehicles, including a Lamborghini Huracan and a Mercedes-Benz.

Is it beautiful, or is it simply vulgar? There are those who will tell you that the Aventador, by it’s very nature, is vulgar to begin with: we get it – it’s bold, brash, and with a no-holds barred approach to the way it looks and performs. But that’s what Lamborghini’s are all about!

In fact, the result – carried out by a high-end London custom shop called CarsInCloaks and involving many painstaking man hours to complete – actually looks rather impressive. It has, we should say, been tastefully done – if covering your car in 2 million crystals can ever be considered tasteful!

What does concern us is this: what is going to happen when Miss Radionova takes it through the local car-wash? If you’re in London, look out for the crystal-covered Lamborghini, as you’re unlikely to see many others!

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Andy Rasool

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