Looking for a Cheap Ferrari? Look No Further!

There’ no doubt about it, eBay is a wonderful thing! Where else are you going to find a 1975, European-spec Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino for auction with a starting price of £10,000? Before you rush to put your bids in, take a look at the advert – this one is going to require a lot of work, and an engine!

To be fair to the seller, they are very clear that what they are selling is a ‘parts car or heavy project’ – the latter is certainly true, as shown by the honest photographs of this very sorry car that accompany the description. It sits forlorn among undergrowth, body dull and rotted, and windscreen missing.

Is it worth buying? The car is presently in the USA – shipping to Europe or the UK is advertised at around $1500 – and one would have to have a close look at it before taking the plunge, but frankly, we think this one may be staying where it is!

Same Owner 34 Years

The Dino – the model was originally badged as such and did not get Ferrari badging until 1976, the year after this one was produced – has been with the same owner for 34 years, all the paperwork is present and correct, so there is an opportunity to acquire the title to a Dino GT4. It should be fitted with the classic Ferrari 3.0L V8, but where the engine should be is a big gap. 

It would be a brave person who took this on as a restoration project, and the completely ruined and rodent-eaten interior is certainly beyond repair, if the photos are anything to go by. What would it cost to restore? Well, some cars are simply too far gone – is this one of them? 

For the record, a quick look elsewhere on eBay brings up three further Dino 308 GT4’s for sale in the UK. A 1980 example, with 44000miles on the clock, with an extensive service record, history file, in excellent condition throughout and looking splendid in the usual rosso red, can be yours for £39,995. That’s one you can drive away.

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Andy Rasool

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