All of us supercar fans love watching high speed footage of our favourite Ferrari, but how do they do it? Of course, they need another very fast car to keep up with the one they are filming, with a cameraman inside. Well, Incline Dynamic Outlet has gone one step further; this innovative company provides the Lamborghini ‘Huracam’ for such purpose, and it’s a pretty impressive piece of kit!

The Huracam is – yes, you guessed it – an otherwise standard Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, but one with a few modifications. Most prominent of all is the huge RED Epic 8K camera, complete with arm and gyro systems, that hangs where the front bonnet should be. This has been removed, the compartment lined to take the equipment, and the camera and stabilising systems fitted expertly.

Remote Control

The camera is wired to the cockpit, in which a driver and camera operator are seated. It’s all done by remote, and the results are very impressive indeed. The standard Huracan in this spec is a very fast car indeed – topping 322km/h – but we suspect the addition of the heavy camera equipment, and the disturbance to the car’s amazingly aerodynamic shape, may reduce that figure somewhat.

Camera crews tend to use high-performance SUV’s as camera vehicles, as they provide the space and ability used for most high speed runs and action shots, but the Huracam is a step further. It allows for stunning on-track and fast road footage, and is far more versatile in terms of handling ad ability than any SUV.

With a 5.2litre V10 engine pushing out copious amounts of horsepower, and a driver who is capable of handling it, we can’t think of a better way to get the very best in high speed motoring action than with the Lamborghini Huracam – an amazing machine in every way.

Images Copyright of: Autoindustriya.