Forget KERS. Fancy a full Ferrari EV?

There has been a lot of talk about the world moving away from petrol power to some sort of evil electric powered motor. At some point in the future people predict the V12s and V8s will be no more, and we will all be running around in an EV. Yup, even a Ferrari EV! Silently of course because there will not be a wailing Tubi for the sound to exit from. No more tunnel runs then.

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It seems the infection has already started at Ferrari. V8s now have turbos attached, so that the mpg and emissions police are kept well pleased. Ferrari now have three V8 turbo cars, the 488, GTC4 Lusso T, and the soon to be arriving Ferrari Portofino.

Imagine my horror when the rumours were confirmed that the hypercar itself would be a hybrid. Toyota Prius immediately came to mind, and my immediate response was despair. I never liked the back of those taxis, and I had nightmares for weeks. But then the clever chaps at Ferrari took electric power, applied it to the LaFerrari, with the resulting car being electric (pardon the pun, although he next one is worse).

I for one hope that the V12 never dies, and that Ferrari will never be forced to produce a pure EV. Don’t get me wrong, I have an EV myself, and they are great cars. But the journeys are pleasant, as opposed to exciting. A Ferrari needs to be exciting, first and foremost.

But some of you might not want to wait 5, 10, or 15 years for a pure EV from Ferrari. If you are one of those odd individuals, then I have the perfect solution for you. Coming to auction through Barrett JacksonOpens in a new tab., is a Ferrari 308 GTS Pure EV. Yes, someone has taken a 308, removed all the mechanicals, and replaced with an electric motor and batteries.

Here is what they have to say about it:

A comprehensive Resto-Mod, this custom Ferrari 308 GTS features a 100% electric drivetrain. The electric drivetrain consists of three HPEVS AC-51 motors in a V8 configuration driving the power into a G50 Porsche transaxle with 5-speeds. Top speed at 185 battery capacity is 47 kWhr contained in custom aluminum and carbon-fiber boxes. Restoration work includes body and paint, total rebuilt suspension including QA1 coilovers, custom Giro-disc racing brake package, Euro-bumper conversion, LED lighting and 18″ BBS factory Ferrari wheels (4 Ferrari 360 front wheels). The interior was completely redone to a higher quality using Italian leather throughout, as well as custom electric GT GPS speedometer and tachometer. **SOLD ON SALVAGE TITLE**

I would imagine the demand for this will be somewhat limited. A bit like the range then!

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