It’s not often that a truly unique Ferrari comes onto the market, and when that car is an example of the sought-after Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, it’s bound to be of interest to the collectors. An homage to the traditional Ferrari Grand Tourers of the past – with the mighty V12 engine up front where the great Enzo Ferrari believed it always should be – the F12 became an instant classic upon its release, and yet there is no other example like this one.

For sale for an advertised price of £194,995 at renowned high-end car dealers Duntbarn, this 4000-mile 2013 example was tailor-made especially for a highly regarded collector, and remained in his collection until sold to the second owner in the summer of 2019. What is it that makes this particular Ferrari F12 special? There’s the colour scheme, for a start – and it’s not red!

French Blue and Bespoke Stripe

The default colour for any Ferrari is, of course, Rosso Red, but this F12 was specified to be produced in a very fetching French Blue – that’s a light and yet striking shade that is France’s official motor racing colour – with a glorious Giallo yellow stripe central from the front to the rear of the car. The overall effect is of a racing car – especially with the forward-stance of the F12 and that long bonnet – of old, and it is a very impressive sight.

Few F12’s can have been as thoroughly specified as this model which includes – among a very, very long list of features – blue matching interior leather and carpet plus a matching steering wheel, carbon fibre fitments from door sills right down to a cup holder, a full suspension lifter kit and front and rear parking cameras. In fact, the list is so long we tend to believe that every possible option was specified on the car, which came at a standard list price when new of around £350,000.

Unique Opportunity

If you are in the market for a unique car – and by that we mean a genuine one-off that won’t be repeated – then there are few that look as good as this. Condition is exemplary, the service history is complete, and – according to the seller – it is not only the best F12 available, but also the most striking.

We love it and, given that classic cars are appreciating in value at alarming rates these days, we also believe it to be sensibly-priced in today’s market. Wouldn’t you just love to be seen at the wheel? We would!

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Gallery

Images Copyright of: duntbarn