Lamborghini Achieves Record Output

There was a time not so long ago when Lamborghini, a supercar brand always laced with intrigue and excitement, was a company with little sign of a future. A series of owners who passed this legendary marque from pillar to post and a dire financial state left the once-great name in tatters, and the end looked close.

The, along came Audi and the VAG group, who bought the company and began to restructure. Now, Lamborghini is one of the most prestigious of all the supercar brands, with a range including some of the most spectacular cars on the roads – a trait that has long been the trademark of the brand since the days of the glorious Miura, the outlandish Countach, and the simply mad Diablo.

Amazing Sales Figures

Given the state of Lamborghini at the turn of the century, it would have been difficult to predict that within twenty years the company would have achieved sales figures totalling 8000 Aventadors and 11000 of the sensational Huracan. These are figures that could only have been dreamt of in the past.

With sales in the USA increasing notably all the time – although rivals McLaren, with their impressive range of supercars, still outsell Lamborghini in the states – the future looks bright, especially with the introduction of the amazing crossover-SUV, the Lamborghini Urus, which will appeal very much to American buyers.

New Model Outlook

The flagship Aventador is an established model in the supercar market and its ongoing success means that its intended lifetime may well be extended. After all, why give up on a good thing? With a planed replacement at least five years in the future, it would seem that Lamborghini has a firm product range on which to capitalise on growth in sales, and is looking to jump past McLaren in the charts in the USA.

Andy Rasool

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